Press From Around the Globe: Sweden

We’ve relocated to the little African island nation of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean!   It was a long and sometimes frustrating process, but we are so happy living and working in this paradise.

Our move to Seychelles has inspired this La Digue island map.  La Digue is a laid back little island about 3 hours from the main island of Mahé where the main mode of transport is by bicycle.  It is where the Seychellois go to holiday.

Allt om Brollop, Sweden’s largest wedding magazine and Escape 360, Sweden’s premiere travel magazine both featured our design in the latest issues!

(English translation):

Card Madness

Best looking invitations right now. Maps of the city where you marry or a map of a specific island where you will be holidaying and / or married. Printed matter is specially ordered. Personalised printing according to your wishes and manufactured entirely by hand of an American living the Seychelles. Products are eco-friendly and cost from about 15 SEK each and a startup cost.
Learn more at

(English translation:)

Your own treasure map!
I have recently discovered a love for maps, a little worn with exotic destinations. Imagine my surprise
when I accidentally stumbled across this company that makes custom printed beautiful pirate-like maps any location – the perfect tool for me. Here you can order invitations, napkins, leaflets and even bags with your customized press. Perfect for weddings, birthday celebrations, gifts and to those who like the treasure hunt.  I’m sold on this Seychelles island map (I would not mind a ticket as well!). Two thumbs up!


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