Couture Maps: Our Illustrated Map Beach Towels Now Available

Our beautiful and so soft microfiber beach towels are now available with any Couture Map.  They are great for traveling to Seychelles or any beach destination.

This one is from the wedding of Monica and Alex who were married in St. Lucia and used the towels as a gift to their lucky guests.

Contact us to find out pricing and details.

Couture Maps: United States Illustrated Map

As we are preparing for our relocation overseas, we are feeling a bit nostalgic for our mother country.  Our map of the United States depicts a journey across America which leads to Warwick, Rhode Island, the gorgeous wedding location of our well traveled couple Brianna and Grant. 

Our illustrated map was the centerpiece to their seating chart, and their guest  tables were named after their favorite American locations.  Such a sweet way to personalize their journey together. 

Our Studio is Moving to Beautiful Seychelles!!

We’ve been warmly received by the people of Seychelles and have been honored with the rare opportunity to set up our studio in this tropical paradise!  We look forward to working from the remote islands and drawing inspiration from this magical place.

Everyone is welcome to visit us in our new illustration studio!

Press from around the world: Dream Weddings Bali Style

In my quest to travel around the world, I discovered the beautiful publication,  Dream Weddings Bali Style while in Asia.  As it turns out, the editor Lee Turner is from Seattle! 
We are so honored to be featured in the current issue which showcases our travel inspired stationery.  Our illustrated wedding map of the island of Bali is included which we told you about back in 2008.  Read more about the  Indonesian wedding of Giok and Johan here.

Seychelles map: go green!

To celebrate the new Go Green series of postage stamps released by the US post office this month, our newest postcard design depicts the green island of Mahé in the Indian Ocean. Included are the two Unesco World Heritage sites as well as a few organizations promoting sustainability and living green in the pristine islands of the Seychelles.

Go Green stamps designed by San Francisco artist Eli Noyes for United States Post Office. According to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, the stamps are made from materials that are biodegradable and recyclable.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive a free copy of our unique perspective of this special island. It’s great for anyone who loves this tropical paradise, dreams of traveling there or if you are just a fan of our work.

Created in collaboration with Vegan Seychelles, promoting sustainability and compassionate living in this pristine island nation.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day!!

Maui map postcards hand stitched by the amazing Anne Millett at Mira Aster. They are printed in shiny foil stamp ink and were created for our Hawaiian eco adventure.

Letterpress envelope featuring a lei of hibiscus.

Mahalo notecards hand sewn with very cute little fish fabric. Stitched stationery by Mira Aster. All illustrations by Stephannie Barba.

Seychelles map: Bonne St. Valentin!

To celebrate our favorite holiday we’ve created a Valentine’s Day card of our favorite holiday spot, the island of La Digue in the Indian Ocean. It is the perfect place to relax, paint and enjoy nature.

One of our favorite artists, Barbara Jenson, works on the island and creates beautiful portraits of Seychellois women as well as vibrant Creole scenes. George Camille also exhibits on the island in a gorgeous new studio named The Green House.

Feel free to contact us if you would like a copy of our new letterpress map. They are also available at the tourist office on La Digue.